Anyone who knows my work here at this blog, knows one thing in particular about me.  I don’t drink the mother ——- kool aid!  People in PR departments at our local professional sports franchises, suck up writers and sports talk radio all have this thing in common, and that is justifying the mystifying moves of those in the front offices or our beloved teams.

I know that I haven’t written in a long while, but this isn’t your only source of sports information either.  What could I have possibly said during the Bears meteoric rise this season.

Honestly, my fathers passing kind of sapped my creative energy.  Also, the things I have been writing for the Last Word on Pro Football and on my Facebook page has been mainly geared for the multitudes of positive and hopeful fans for the Bears playoff run.

My last article I wrote for them:

Was a hopeful article for me, but also a reminder for Bears nation that there are no sure things no matter how much momentum your team has, or how much you feel greatness can and will happen for your team.

People respond more to positive “fan” articles, than articles that critique performance and are viewed as being negative.  If I was able to get enough people to read my work at the Last Word on Sports, I would get paid.  But you need a lot of readership to achieve those kinds of numbers.  I would rather not get paid and get back to writing scathing criticisms of the idiots that run our franchises, and also not listen to the kool aid drinkers and their dumb-ass comments.

When you write for someone else with more of a straight news angle, there is going to be more editorializing and that suck up to fans feeling.  I started writing for them hoping that someone would look at the quality of my work and give me a job writing, but it’s not meant to be.

Going forward, I am moving back to my blog, which I try to write with more of a Mike Royko columnist style, that better suits what I have to say, gets things off of my chest, and informs those of you who read this, who actually live in the real world.

Seasons over, I can get back to blasting Bears GM Ryan Pace! 

Hello stupid!  It took the idiotic news of the Bears signing their very average and slow, 29 year old right tackle Bobbie Massie to a four-year extension, to fire up the keyboard once again.  I don’t even care about the money he is being signed for.  The idea of keeping the lumbering Massie for four more years, versus trying to draft a young athletic tackle who can pull and move outside with Jordan Howard, makes me mad.

Signing Massie means maintaining the status quo in the passing game at the expense of a proven asset in running back Jordan Howard.  Not to mention another year of doing the minimum, and not seriously upgrading the offensive line.

Recent news posted by the NFL league office shows that the Bears have the 5th least amount of cap space among all teams.  Uh-Oh!  According to the NFL Players Association, this does not take into account the money just given to Massie.  For free agents to be, like Aaron Lynch, Adrian Amos and Leonard Floyd, this means that someone isn’t coming back.  Not to mention what things will look like going forward when the Bears decide to extend Mitchell Trubisky after next season and the year after.

More about the Bears in Part 2 of this series.  I will examine the serious shortcomings of the new coach of the year Matt Nagy and the upcoming difficulty of the Bears taking the next step.

The Bears have serious salary cap maintenance issues coming.  Think Blackhawks, but possibly without the championships.  Definitely not the “Patriot Way”.

This is why sustainability in the NFL is so hard to accomplish and also what the New England Patriots have done is such a marvel.  For 18 years the Patriots have dominated their division and the American Football Conference.  They have been in nine conference championships in a row.  That is either a testament to their greatness, or to the total lack of competent general managers across the AFC teams and cities.  I’ll take the later.

Yes the Patriots are in their third Super Bowl in a row, but they are not a juggernaut.  They are very beatable given the right circumstances .  Other teams just can’t maintain the consistency and success the way New England has done.

Aside from being possibly the greatest quarterback to ever play, Tom Brady isn’t greedy.  He has only been the highest paid quarterback for only about a week in his entire career, when Peyton Manning signed an even bigger deal shortly thereafter, about a decade ago.  It has been far more important for Brady to have some talent around him to catch the ball , than for him to satisfy his ego and his own agents greed.  Don’t get me wrong Brady has had some major talent around him, but 50% of the receivers he has played with have had very average careers, but plenty of speed.

Whereas Belichick, Brady, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel, Gronkowski, Edelman and the homegrown talent they have had at running back have all contributed to an astonishing level of consistency and success.  The “Patriot Way” has been about the system and the players conditioning, more than the individual talents the player possesses.  Every year players leave, and every year they fill those holes the best they can, with scraps and castoffs from other teams.

They don’t ask these formerly highly rated players to come in and carry the team.  They ask them to do one or two jobs well and to fit in as a team.  And they tell them they will win as a team by the whole of its parts, not as individuals.

Watch Phillip Dorsett during the Super Bowl.  A former 1st round pick by Indianapolis, from the University of Miami.  Castoff by the Colts, he is exactly the kind of talented, pedigreed, and fast player that Belichick acquires.  Belichick coaches him up, gets his conditioning where it needs to be, and spoon feeds him the playbook a little at a time.  By the time the season is over he is completely up to speed, and is a major contributor with a touchdown in each playoff game so far.

The talent levels aren’t so different or great from player to player, but the guy throwing the ball is special.  The guy calling the plays is special, and their overall commitment to winning is special.  They have been together a long time and McDaniel broke up the band once, only to come back a couple years later.  Next time he takes a top job, it most likely will be replacing Belichick.  And the Patriots will do their due diligence to find McDaniel the next Brady, before Belichick leaves or just stays upstairs.

I believe the Patriots rally will come up short, and they will lose a close Super Bowl to the Rams 34-27.  The Rams offensive speed on the turf in Atlanta will be the difference in the first half, and Brady runs out of time.  But he and the Patriots will be back, probably same time next year.