I have stated over and over again about the need for Bears fans to know their history.  Why?  Because it repeats, if you don’t learn from the lessons of the past.  This article will be partially comprised of excerpts from past articles in order to make a few points about the need to lower expectations and have patience for the team, and it’s quarterback of the future.  I am fully aware that no one from the Bears organization reads my articles, but in light of the Bears excruciating loss to Green Bay this past Sunday night, I feel the need reiterate where they have been, to show where they may end up.

It’s not where I want them to end up.  I just believe the Bears are at least a year away from participating in the playoffs.  Even in the loss against Green Bay, for the first time I saw the talent on display that made general manager Ryan Pace fall in love with his 2nd year quarterback.  He needs time to learn the system, and be able to audible out of plays and into better situations than his coach will put him into.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  We all need to sit back as Bears fans and enjoy the first steps of what may become an All Pro quarterback.  An Aaron Rodgers of our own!

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Bears Autopsy:  Past excerpts in Bold.

The Bears got off to an unbelievable start against Green Bay.  It was the kind of start I expected last fall in week 10, when an injured Aaron Rodgers couldn’t start against the Bears because of a broken collarbone.

The Bears marched down the field with a drive that was obviously scripted and rehearsed by the offense for weeks.  After the opening drive my wife said, “That was impressive, huh?”

I commented about how coaches script the first drive, and said “We’ll see if new head coach Matt Nagy could repeat those results once the flow of the game got going.”

As we all know, that was the only Bears offensive touchdown of the game.

from January 8th, 2018

Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy had only called the plays as coordinator in 5 games to end the season.  Nagy was shut out in the second half of their playoff game against Tennessee and lost 22-21, in spite of having the league’s highest rated quarterback and the league’s leading rusher on the field!

May 14th, 2018

Nagy is just like Wannie and Lovie in the other respect that he wants to have an innovative offense.  Remember Gary Crowton and Terry Shea?  They were Wannie and Lovie’s versions of Mark Helferich, Nagy’s guy, all of them innovators of offense.  The parallels are unbelievable, and there is no reason to suspect the results will be much different.

Crowton and Shea both lasted for a season.  They both went back to coaching in the college ranks.  Crowton as head coach at BYU.

One of the things I came away with in evaluating Trubisky in the Packers game, is that he is exceptional at delivering the ball on crossing routes and slant routes.  He steps into his delivery and shows off his improved arm strength with terrific accuracy.

On passes to the sideline where the receiver is running up the field and away from the quarterback, Mitchell struggles with touch and laying the ball just over the defender.  It’s something he can develop over time, but right now in game situations Trubisky seems too amped up to calm down and drop a touch pass.  Until the game slows down for him later in this season or next, I would avoid these plays if I were Nagy.  Or cut down the young man’s caffeine intake.

I think that Nagy should play to his quarterbacks strengths and let him become like Joe Montana throwing slants to Jerry Rice.  The Bears have the receivers and playbook to do this.  As the season goes on hopefully Nagy will sit down and self-evaluate the plays that have run the best out of his playbook.  He needs to stick to what works in critical down and distance situations.

April 2nd, 2018

it seems as though the Bears top brass of chairman George McCaskey and team president Ted Phillips is on board with all of the recent moves and they especially like the hire of Nagy, calling him an innovator of offense.  Bears nation can only hope he becomes an innovator on offense, but his track record of being a coordinator is only one season, and he only called plays for a total of 6 games.  As usual, the enthusiasm and confidence of the Bears top brass is based on more wishful thinking and potential, rather than a proven track record.

After the Bears knocked Aaron Rodgers out of the game, Deshone Kizer, the Packers backup quarterback came in and marched the Packers down the field.  They were at the Bears 12 yard line when newly acquired Khalil Mack sacked and stripped Kizer recovering the fumble.  Not sure that Kizer should’ve gotten that far though.

November 19th, 2017

The Bears have long had a streak of coaches who don’t adjust and read game situations for what they are.

I have lamented at times that defensive coordinator Vic Fangio doesn’t blitz enough, and there is your proof.

On Kizer’s 2nd set of downs, as Aaron Rodgers was carted off to the locker room, with a minute left until halftime.  Kizer dropped back to pass and was almost sacked by Bears defensive end Roy Robertson-Harris, when he threw the ball right to Khalil Mack.  Mack ran 27 yards into the endzone for the pick-6 touchdown.

November 8th 2017

The Packers stink on offense without Aaron Rodgers.

A field goal after halftime gave the Bears a 20-0 lead.

Then Aaron Rodgers grabbed his helmet and came onto the field…

October 6th, 2017

It’s like there is some sadistic Packers fan, an old woman perhaps, who makes dolls.  She had an affair with a Bears player as a young girl, and got her heart broken.  Now she dresses her dolls after Bears players and has them in her lap as she watches her Packers play on national t.v..  A little twist here, a little twist there and the jab of a needle for good measure.  “How does that feel Mr. Bear?”

IT’S MADNESS!! Or voodoo, some kind of witchcraft is definitely at play here.  And it keeps happening, over and over and over and over…  ‘Scuse me, had to swallow some throw up.

It happened again.  Like some horror movie that was popular enough to spawn ten sequels, the Bears laid yet, another egg, against their rivals to the north on national T.V..  I have seen enough of these kind of games to give me nightmares.  Let’s face it, if your a Bears fan, we have seen this rerun more times than we can stand anymore.  The only people buying tickets to Saw part 10, are clearly Packer shareholders.

November 19th, 2017

I would actually pin the Bears loss to the Packers on the defense,

Things could possibly be helped, by gambling and calling for more blitzes, but Fangio predictably play’s things conservative, and that’s a problem.

Leonard Floyd, outside linebacker and former 1st round pick, is growing, but not fast enough.  There are some games, like against the Packers, where he is just lost.

April 2nd, 2018

The Bears retained their secondary from last years 5-11 team.  The retention of last years cornerbacks means they either believe Prince Amukamara and Kyle Fuller are top flight already or will prove to be worth the money they are getting, with Fuller’s contract averaging the top 5 at cornerback in the league.  A year ago Amukamara and Fuller played for about $12 million, this year their average salary’s will total $23 million.

Fangio’s inability to blitz and put pressure on opposing offense’s is equally to blame No one talks about that big shortcoming.

Fangio’s defense has a lot of nuance to its’ scheme, and requires years of experience to get the reads of the offense’s right.

November 19th, 2017

While I’m assigning blame for the Packers loss, let’s start with cornerback Kyle Fuller

Missed tackle’s, bad coverage and tackling angles against the Packers single-handedly cost the Bears that game.  Packers receivers beat him play, after play, after play.

Postgame, coach Nagy took blame for not getting the offense to score more points to put the game away.  He lamented that he called to many screen passes and didn’t use running back Jordan Howard enough.

December 19th 2017

Bears best player is running back Jordan Howard,

Bears go 3 and out, most of the time.  And the opposing team usually gets good field position because the Bears don’t move the ball, in spite of passing 2/ 3rds of the time.  This has been the pattern in most of their losses.

Unbelievably most postgame chatter centered on Trubisky’s second half performance.

Hub Arkush is the Editor of Pro Football Weekly and the Bears postgame radio host.  This is a post from his Twitter feed:

“It seemed three out of every four calls to our postgame show on the radio  after the Packers game were, “Trubisky’s a bust, get rid of him!” or “That bum Trubisky is killing us, they should play Chase Daniels!””

And here is the link to an article accompanying his post:

Hub Arkush, Editor Pro Football Weekly Article

Ultimately, the Bears offensively are a work in progress.  A new system from Nagy won’t be mastered overnight.  That said, the Bears did score 23 points.

November 19th, 2017

I would actually pin the Bears loss to the Packers on the defense,

In past years any Bears defensive player like Mike Singletary would tell you with pride, “the offense gets 17 points.  That should be good enough.  At that point it’s on us to go out, perform and get the win.”

GAME 2 vs. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS, Monday night

As the Bears now look ahead to a Monday night game against the Seattle Seahawks with a quarterback in Russell Wilson, that has far more escapability than a healthy Aaron Rodgers.  It’s again on the defense to keep leads, stay in their lanes and prevent big plays, especially when they aren’t blitzing.  Someone has to make a play, and it’s not always on the quarterback.  You win as a team and lose as a team.

December 1st, 2017

The Bears coordinators on both sides, offense and defense, haven’t done a good enough job.    Will both the offense and defense play 60 minutes of hard nosed, clean and consistent football.

December 1st, 2017

I sense that defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, still won’t blitz, or bring creative pressure, against Russell Wilson.


December 1st, 2017

the rookie quarterback doesn’t know how to win yet.  Until he wins a game that you can say, it was because of Trubisky that they won, I will pick against him and the Bears.  Hopefully the kid will pull out at least one game by the end of the year, just for the sake of his confidence.