Remember this… you asked for it!

For every Bears fan and media member that wanted John Fox replaced, you asked for this.

For everyone in the media that drove the Bears management to cut bait on Mark Trestman, his staff and general manager Phil Emery after 2 seasons, you asked for John Fox.

For every fan, myself included, we asked for Lovie Smith’s dismissal after he had a 10-6 season.

Be careful what you ask of the McCaskey family and their yes men in the Bears front office.

When you think it can’t possibly get worse, it can.  Just ask the Cleveland Browns, who may go right past the Bears next season, on their way up the NFL’s power rankings.

If I sound a little angry, it’s because I am.

The Bears will spend the next three seasons, I believe, largely running in place.  They will win a few more games than the last three seasons, but not that many more.  Let me be specific.  John Fox won 14 games in three seasons and Mark Trestman won 13 games in two.  I would guess that new head coach,  Matt Nagy will be closer to Trestman’s .406 winning percentage after two seasons.  We’ll give Nagy the benefit of the doubt in season 3 and say he can coach the Bears to an 8-8 record.  I believe the total number of wins for Matt Nagy in three seasons will be somewhere between 17-19 wins, that also means there will be between 29-31 losses.  Clip and save.

The only reason the Bears will win that many games is because defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, inexplicably decided to stay for another 3 or 4 years and help the new coach.  It is believed that Fangio is now among the highest paid assistant coaches in the league.  Vic has done a credible job and raised the Bears defensive ranking from last in the 32-team NFL, three years ago, to 10th this past season.  Two years from now, the Bears top two defenders, DT Akeim Hicks and ILB Danny Trevaithan will both be over 30 years old.  There isn’t a cornerback that started last year, currently under contract for next year.

Bottom line is that the Bears will have to work hard to maintain and continue to build their defensive units the next three years.  And the defense is where the Bears strength is right now, in spite of Fangio’s unwillingness to blitz or make in game adjustments, which I believe, cost the Bears several games this year.

It was easy to forecast that the Bears defense would improve from last in the league to where they are now, they had no where to go but up.  And the track records of Fox and Fangio dictated there would be significant improvement.  Having to maintain a top 10 defense against the backdrop of having to drastically improve the offense, will be much more difficult than the media and Bears fans think, though.

There simply aren’t enough draft picks to make that happen over night.  General manager Ryan Pace’s track record is poor at signing free agents that have an impact in quality, not to mention the complete lack of quantity.  The Bears think they are building, not re-building.  But here is Pace, going into his fourth year and fourth draft, with what to show for his work?  There is not one unit on either side of the ball that any one would say is complete or doesn’t need in influx of talent, depth or youth.  In coming articles I will examine position by position where they are at, and what they need from the draft and free-agency.

The hot topic now, is how the media feels about the new head coach and the staff he is retaining and bringing in.  The media talks about this new staff being like a breath of fresh air, well… they always say that with each new regime.  It’s like every time the government shuts down, you know in advance what people are going to say.

Last time you had a Democratic President and his colleagues in the house and senate saying how bad the other party is.  Now we have a Republican President, and the Democrats saying, he and the Republicans are ruining the country with their shutdown.  Then the media plays the tapes from other shutdowns, making everyone look like fools and hypocrites, and shortly thereafter they have a deal to open government.

Bears fans don’t seem to remember all of the previous, refreshing press conferences for Lovie, Trestman and Fox, or the embarrassments of Dave McGinnis and Micheal McCaskey.   Too many alcohol induced blackouts, me thinks.  If only Bears nation were a little less drinky when the team is so stinky.  And if only the media covering the Bears, actually examined the Bears true problems, instead of criticizing the outgoing head coach for, whaa!!  Making their jobs tougher by being less and less transparent with each new spoonful of the media’s criticism.

The media is so happy with the new coaching staff already, it’s like playing the games don’t even matter.  Just wait until next fall when the losses pile up.

Someone tell David Haugh from the Tribune, that I don’t give a shit if the new Bears staff, “won the press conference.”  The media’s words, not mine, I swear!  It’s been all over sports radio, they won the press conference!!  Give me a freaking break!

The new coaching staff is largely based on the offensive side of the ball and doesn’t appear to have the combined coaching experience of the stubborn defensive coordinator.

Nagy, it has been well noted, has only called plays in 6 NFL games in his LIFE!

His new offensive coordinator, Mark Helfrich, was fired as the Oregon Ducks head coach in 2016.  Last year he counted his money and didn’t work.  Current quarterback’s coach Dave Ragone, who just finished his 2nd year with the Bears, has been retained by Nagy.

Dowell Loggains ran for cover to Miami where he inexplicably landed the job of offensive coordinator under his friend, former Bears coordinator Adam Gase, the Dolphins head coach.  Loggains will NOT call the plays, Gase will.

At the most recent “winning” or is it “won”, press conference? Nagy and Helfrich talked about how excited they were to “brainstorm”, and create an offense specifically for Trubisky.  They used words like ground-breaking, high-powered and innovative, which must have really impressed some of the young reporters that cover the Bears, who have reported so glowingly about GM Ryan Pace’s new hires.

I wonder if Pace was actually listening at the press conference, or paying attention to the fact that the Bears currently don’t have a single player on the offensive side of the ball that is that “dynamic,” to have such an offense.  You might say, “what about running backs Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen?”

I would say, that they are at least one notch below several running backs that just got eliminated in the playoffs last week, like Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara of New Orleans, Derrick Henry of Tennessee, Atlanta’s Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman and Todd Gurley of the LA Rams.  What all of those running backs have in common is their ability to be prolific pass catchers and pass blockers.  They never leave the field on third down like Howard and Cohen have to.

Howard can’t catch and cost the Bears 2 games with drops this year and Cohen is too small to be an effective blocker.  Their failures along with shoddy play-calling, a rookie quarterback who checked down too much, and dumb receivers who ran routes short of the markers, led to the Bears having one of the worst 3rd down conversion rates in the league (26th at 34.63%).

At the end of the season the offensive line was playing it’s 5th and 6th guards.  The receiving corps, which has been invested in with a number 1 pick and numerous free agents, is threadbare of real talent and depth.  The best tight end on the roster had his career ended on the field in New Orleans.  And despite what Nagy and his coaches say about Mitchell Trubisky, he is, and will be, for the foreseeable future, the worst starting quarterback in the division, and probably the entire National Football Conference, at the start of next season.

The Bears can win as many pressors as they want.  The media is now free to fall in love with the Bears coaches and players again, now that grumpy-pants John Fox is gone.  None of it means shit to me!