Maybe you watched Sports Talk Live with Dave Kaplan last Thursday night?  If you didn’t, here’s what happened.  Host Kaplan convene’s a round table of sports writers to talk about the day’s topics.

I believe Sun-Times writer Adam Jahns was on the panel to talk about the Bears hiring process so far.  He mentioned Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy was going to be interviewed soon.  Kaplan asked why this was a good thing and Jahns responded by saying that Mitchell Trubiksy, the Bears quarterback, was highly thought of by the Chiefs organization in the day’s leading up to the draft.  Where the Bears traded 3 picks to move up one spot to select Trubisky 2nd overall, and Kansas City would trade up to select quarterback Patrick Mahomes, with the 10th pick.

Jahns reported that a source had told him that even after Trubisky was drafted by the Bears, that Nagy had kept in touch with Mitchell throughout the year.  This was new.  I’ve never heard publicly about a coach from another team being in touch, in such a friendly manner, with a player from another team during the season.   Since first hearing it on Sports Talk Live last Thursday, the Matt Nagy connection to Mitchell has been widely reported by every sports station that I have seen.

What has led the Bears to hiring Matt Nagy to be their next head coach troubles me for more than a few reasons.

Coming into the weekends Wildcard Game against the Tennessee Titans, Nagy had only called the plays as coordinator in 5 games to end the season.  Head Coach Andy Reid had been the playcaller and finally relinquished that responsibly to Nagy, who has followed Reid since he was a 29 year old intern, when both were with the Philadelphia Eagles.

So the Bears offense has now been turned over to a quarterback who had 13 college games of experience and now a coordinator with 6 game plans under his belt.

Should Bears fans be worried that Trubisky only threw 7 touchdown passes in twelve games?

Should they be worried that Nagy was shut out in the second half of their playoff game against Tennessee and lost 22-21, in spite of having the league’s highest rated quarterback and the league’s leading rusher on the field?

Hello three amigos are you there?  These are legitimate questions you should’ve asked,  before you think, now that Nagy’s been eliminated from the playoffs, we can hire him right away!!  What luck!!  Imagine GM Ryan Pace, George McCaskey and team President Ted Phillips high fiving.  We can end this search right now, by hiring someone who appears to be a world class suck up, inexperienced and told us everything we wanted to hear!  Especially how much we got it right by drafting young Mitchell.  High fives all around.

Now that we are done, we can get back to:

my wife and kids                                Ryan Pace

mother                                                  George McCaskey

computer solitaire                              Ted Phillips

Got to admit that Nagy might be pretty shrewd though…

Everyone in the league knew before the season started that John Fox was on the hot seat.  When he saw that Trubisky was drafted by the Bears, perhaps Nagy saw an opening.

Just stay in touch and check up on him from time to time.  Become friends, offer advice, and coach up Mitchell from afar.  Get him to stay positive and say the right things, while thinking, “don’t worry Mitchell I’m coming.”

“If only Reid would let me call the play’s,” Nagy ponders.

The Chiefs have and unexplainable 5 game losing streak in the middle of the season and maybe Nagy says to his boss, “you need help.  Maybe I could help call the plays”… so I can pad my resume…

Granted I’m making this seem more nefarious than it probably is, or am I?

Either this guy is extremely lucky, he is the devil or… or what?

If you were draw on paper and list the offensive hierarchy for each of the 32 teams before the season and select one person from each team who could end up coaching the Bears and Mitchell, I’m not sure Nagy would’ve made that list, as someone who has never called a game before this season.

Think about that and how unlikely it should’ve been, that Nagy will arrive at Halas Hall for a press conference later this week.  Now multiply by at least three seasons, and then multiply by every mistake general manager Ryan Pace will make in the draft and free agency the next three years.  That’s how big the three amigos have f—ked this up.

At least when this is over three years from now, Pace, George and Ted will all be gone.

I’ve got three years to pad my resume…