As I write this the Bears top brass, including new head coach Matt Nagy is trying to talk defensive coordinator Vic Fangio into staying.  The crystal ball says, don’t waste your breath, to the now, four amigos.  Vic will go back to San Francisco and mentor the newly hired Ken Norton Jr. into becoming the defensive coordinator someday.  Fangio’s girlfriend, it was noted on tonight’s Sport’s Talk Live by Sun-Times writer Adam Jahn’s, still lives on the west coast, where Fangio was defensive coordinator under Jim Harbaugh for the 49er’s, before joining the Bears.  See ya Vic, and take your no blitz game plans with ya…

The Bulls will trade Nicola Mirotic to the Utah Jazz for a first round pick.  It makes total sense for the Jazz who would draft in the 20’s anyhow.  At that position why not acquire a known commodity in Mirotic, who will stretch defenses out for center Rudy Goebert, when he comes back from injury.   Mirotic is a perfect fit for the Jazz, will he agree to the trade?  The crystal ball says yes.

It’s a few months away but the crystal ball says the Bears general manger Ryan Pace will choose another wide receiver in the first round.  Pace better hope it works out better than receiver Kevin White, who has played in only 4 games since drafting him 7th overall in 2015.

Crystal ball says it will let me know it’s predictions for the NFL draft at a later date.