21-0 at the half!!  It happened again.  Like some horror movie that was popular enough to spawn ten sequels, the Bears laid yet, another egg, against their rivals to the north on national T.V..  I have seen enough of these kind of games to give me nightmares.  Let’s face it, if your a Bears fan, we have seen this rerun more times than we can stand anymore.  The only people buying tickets to Saw part 10, are clearly Packer shareholders.

Hell, I attended THE Halloween game, must have been 1996, in a freezing rain-storm.  They retired Butkus and Sayers jerseys that night, on the field, in front of 2000 Packer fans that were left,  23 -3 at the half, I think.  I remember, because I looked back at the field, before my father and I disappeared down the tunnel to leave the stadium.  I saw Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus shiver onto the field with clear parkas over their suits.  We walked passed a concession stand monitor when I heard a woman say, “those poor men, look at them, just miserable!”

That they still went through with the ceremony in a driving rainstorm and the temperature dropping like a rock into the 30’s, madness.   I didn’t even mention those completely horrible uniforms of orange and navy vertical stripes, madness!  You just wanted to say, “STOP THE MADNESS!!!  I mean, I give, for the love of god make it stop!”  The freezing rain was coming in sideways, it was like getting pricked in the face by a needle.  We were home before the game ended.

Watching this most recent joke of a game, all I could say was, “glad I wasn’t there.”  If only a tornado could’ve leveled Lambeau field.  Bears v. Packers, really hasn’t been a rivalry in the 25 years of Favre and Rodgers quarterbacking the Pack.  A hammer doesn’t have a rivalry with a nail, the hammer just pounds nails til there are no more nails to pound.  That’s the Bears, no matter how motivated I think they should be.  And no matter how many changes we make at quarterback, they just can’t seem to find anyone who can play, or keep their composure.  After being on the Glennon bandwagon, I’m getting off.  Not to get on the Trubisky bandwagon, mind you.  Just to go for a walk and clear my head of disappointment and anger.

Glennon will now back up Trubisky for the rest of the season, or until Mitchell gets hurt.  It’s like there is some sadistic Packers fan, an old woman perhaps, who makes dolls.  She had an affair with a Bears player as a young girl, and got her heart broken.  Now she dresses her dolls after Bears players and has them in her lap as she watches her Packers play on national t.v..  A little twist here, a little twist there and the jab of a needle for good measure.  “How does that feel Mr. Bear?”   How else do we explain a snap bouncing  off Glennon’s knee, another fumble, a very bad throw for an interception and Deonte Thompson stopping his route to watch the ball sail into the safety’s arms.  IT’S MADNESS!! Or voodoo, some kind of witchcraft is definitely at play here.  And it keeps happening, over and over and over and over…  ‘Scuse me, had to swallow some throw up.