We all know how terrible the Bears looked last week.  Hell, I picked them to win.  That being said, I might have picked the Packers over Atlanta and the Cowboys over the Broncos if I was a fan of either one of those teams.  Which I’m not.  But that also explains my overzealousness in picking the Bears.  That’s my team.  I will give them the benefit of the doubt, more often than not, and that’s a problem.  My crystal ball didn’t have the greatest of weeks, overall.

What I’m saying is, one, don’t go to the betting window regarding any of my Bears pick’s unless I tell you to go to the betting window.  Then, rest assured, my money is also on the line.  Two, Mike Glennon isn’t who I thought he is… not yet at least.  Three, even two division champions like the Packers and Cowboys can go on the road with Pro-Bowl quarterbacks and get IT handed to them.  Four, those All-Pro quarterbacks also throw interceptions, sometimes for 6 points the other way.  Five, my crystal ball is tarnished this week, but only slightly.  Most of my specific predictions came true, just not the outcome.  As far as any autopsy goes, that game was over as soon as Tarik Cohen blundered and fumbled the punt he attempted to field.  The Bears as currently constructed are not meant to come back from such out of control road deficits.

As I hinted in my Crystal Ball article, an evaluation of the offensive coordinator will soon be forthcoming.  Especially if the playbook isn’t cracked open a smidge to allow at least a couple throws downfield to keep the opposing teams secondary’s honest.  Bad games are best to be learned from and hopefully the offense has made some adjustments to their game plan and play calling.

It’s true the Bears have been quickly decimated in the receiver corps and offensive line.  But they are also getting some players back and that represents some amount of hope for better protection for Glennon and the Bears ability to spread the field out.  As I write this, I can see that 2-0 Baltimore is getting IT handed to them by Jacksonville in London 44-7.  Not unlike the Packers and Cowboys, huh.

Maybe Baltimore got caught looking ahead.  Maybe Jacksonville was embarrassed last week and more angry and focused as a result.  Could that be like this upcoming Bears-Steelers game.  Are the Steelers looking ahead?

No, the Bears will not turn the tables completely around this week, but they should be much more competitive in a field goal kicker’s kind of game.  If the turnovers are even, the best kicker wins.  One bad turnover could turn the game for either team, even though the Bears appear to severely outgunned in terms of skill position personnel.  I believe the Bears start to unleash tight end Adam Shaheen in more sets as a decoy to free up more catches for TE Zach Miller, who needs to play better.  Bears will keep Dion Sims their best blocking tight end, in more, to help with their run blocking and pass protection.  Glennon has a decent game, in spite of, his overall lack of arm strength, where Trubisky has him beat by a mile.   Trubisky shouldn’t start until after next week’s Packers game though, for which there will be no time to prepare.  There will be 11 days to prepare for the Vikings game.

Steelers 23-20 over the Bears.  Can Glennon lead a comeback, successfully this time?