This so-called Bears QB competition has reached hysterical levels in the last week.  A poll on The Score’s Saturday mid-day show showed that 75% of Bears fans believe that Mitch Trubisky represents the Bears best chance to beat Atlanta in the season opener.

Look, I get it.

Flashback to when the Bears signed signed Mike Glennon.  I told family and friends that Ryan Pace, the Bears GM, finally got something right.  From what I had seen and heard, I thought Glennon was a player.  With 2-1 TD to interception ratio,  he led several comebacks his rookie year in Tampa.  Some were wins that opened a lot of eyes, and some were losses that came just short.  His record might not be statistically impressive, but the circumstances of the games and manner in which he played were.  There was even talk that Tampa already had it’s QB of the future and would pass on Jameis Winston and go for another star for their defensive line. Many in their organization thought of pairing another defensive star alongside Gerald McCoy, who had been injured for about the season and a half that Glennon received most of his playing time in Tampa.

Then I saw the pick.  While eating nachos at Miller’s Ale House in Lombard, I saw the pass from Glennon flutter through the air, like it was a goose that had just been shot.  I saw Glennon quickly going under a pile of linemen as he threw the jump ball just over my wife’s forehead on the t.v. screen.  Noooo!!!!!!  I screamed inside my head, more worried about looking like a fool for supporting this ostrich-sized-dead-goose-chucker.  I said it, f—!!!  What the hell was that?  I could’ve sworn the pass was thrown by Jonathan Quinn, medicine-woman-QB.  I was having Monday night football stomach-acid flashbacks.  Was it the nachos or the tequila I had consumed as a young man?  Didn’t matter, it was coming up…bile.  I swallowed hard and took a drink, as my friend Bob let loose with his famous, obnoxiously loud cackle.  “I thought we got rid of Cutler,” he laughed.  “You like this guy?” he continued.

“Yeah,” I said with mid-season resignation.  But I rallied my optimism.  I reasoned it was better to get it out of the way now,  than in the regular season.  Ha!  Let’s see how he handles adversity.  Yeah, that’s it.  Let’s see if it builds his character.  Then I saw Trubisky play.  Fuuuughdge!!!!

Two TD passes against 2nd, 3rd and maybe 4th stringer’s and the Bear’s nation is ready to grant him the starter’s position.  Looked like the Cardinals defense had figured out the roll-out play in the 2nd game though.  Then of course some one, who probably won’t make the Cardinals, missed an assignment, and Trubisky got another TD pass on another bootleg.  The kid hasn’t shown he can stand in the pocket and deliver throws or read defenses yet, but let’s make him the starter.  Oh, and by the way, it looks like Trubisky telegraphs his receiver’s too, so let’s not go there with critical football speak from every meathead in town.

Look both quarterback’s are having to learn a new offense, for Trubisky, it’s his first time at this level.  For  Glennon, it’s his 4th new head coach and 4th new offense.  Advantage Glennon.

In college, Glennon beat out Russel Wilson so badly that Wilson transferred to Wisconsin, was drafted and proceeded to win a Super Bowl with the Seahawks.  Glennon played 3 years in college.   Trubisky couldn’t beat out anybody, started one season his junior year and came out early into one of the worst draft classes for quarterbacks, in my estimation, of history.  I would rather start the guy who beat out a Super Bowl winning quarterback than somebody who beat out nobody and was simply the next man up at a middle to bottom tier ACC program.  Advantage Glennon.

And lastly, let’s not forget, that for the last 4 season’s Glennon has been preparing for playing Atlanta twice a year by playing in the same division and has beaten them before.  As for game 2 on the schedule, Tampa Bay is Glennon’s former team.  I think revenge and the want to show them what they gave up on, will be highly motivating for the young man.  Advantage Glennon!

I admit my confidence in Glennon has taken a hit with his 2 bad picks.  But I will say this, so far I haven’t seen him make the same mistake twice.  He is a little shaky, but he is under enormous pressure right now.  This is his career, and he might not get another shot.  I personally hope that he show’s the grit and winning attitude that has been his hallmark so far in his young career.  That in itself will be refreshing to see after 7 years of Cutler indifference.

The Bears have one of the toughest opening schedules in the league this year with Atlanta trying to get back to the Super Bowl and Tampa Bay being my dark horse pick to make it to the big game.  Let’s see how it shakes out before we take reps away from Glennon and turn the reigns over to the novice upstart Trubisky who I originally would’ve picked as lucky to be in the league 5 years from now.  I think that Deshaun Watson will struggle mightily for the Texan’s but will pan out into a possible all-pro  quarterback.  But the best quarterback in this draft might be the last player chosen, Chad Kelly, drafted by the Denver Broncos.  If he can learn and mature, he can be every bit the quarterback his uncle Jim was for the Buffalo Bills.  All he did was make four Super Bowls in a row and I would regard him as a top 5 quarterback of this era.

Bears fans, give these young men a chance to grow and develop before we drive them out of town.