A long time ago after a Bears playoff game…

I was driving home from some party.  My father-in-law called.

“Hey Jay, it’s Rich”, he said.  “well what did you think of the game?”

I’m trying to recall what I said next, but it had to be something along the lines of not being impressed by Cutler and maybe thinking the defense had won the game.  Because I believe the next line out of wife’s father’s mouth was something like,  “so you don’t think the Bears will go to the Super Bowl?”  My answer, swallowing my own vomit,  was, no…I don’t think they are going to the Super Bowl.

They of course lost, days later, to the Packers after Cutler came up lame.  Seeing him on the t.v., at a fundraiser for my late brother-in-law’s family, with the sound barely audible above the noise at the V.F.W. that day.  I could look at Cutler’s sulking face, walking around on the sideline and realize that this guy is a bum.  It’s a feeling that never left me.  I always believed after that and a little before that,  in interviews, his greatest skill in his arm was endorsing and cashing paychecks.

So my father-in-law called me again.  He said Cutler was hurt and you watch, he will take the Bears to the Super Bowl one day.  “Wanna bet?” I said.  “Oh, I’ve been waiting for this,” he said with revenge dripping from his mouth to recover losses and pride from a previous bet.

“I’ll bet you a steak dinner, Cutler never takes them to a Super Bowl,” I told him.  The man loves steak and coming to my house for his daughter’s cooking every Sunday night he get’s the chance.


Ok, five years.  Never thought the Bears would sign him to an extension.  We agreed to 5 years and the steakhouse of our choice, my wife has to eat too, I said.  A month or so earlier at a barbershop, I read in Chicago magazine about 2 ultra-premium steakhouses that were coming to Chicago; Chicago Cut and Maestro’s.

He liked the sound of Maestro’s.

Then the election happened.  Last fall, days before the election, we celebrated Rich’s birthday.  He got to talking to my brother-in-law about the election, and he goaded Mark into 10-1 odds that Trump would win.  Rich of course put $100 on the line and the rest is history.  So my brother-in-law is taking all of us to Maestro’s up to a $1000.00 tab.  I think we’ll be having desert too!

The trouble with bets is collecting.  My wife’s family could get called for as many delay-of-game penalties as the Bears and Cutler and Glennon, but not Trubisky, more on him later.

Coming home from work the day that Cutler signed with the Dolphins, I heard ESPN’s Adam Schefter comment that if Jay Cutler has a season of say 24 touchdowns and 8 interceptions he might get a $50 million extension.  I was like, WHAT?!!!!   Put down the crackpipe Schefty!  Have you actually seen this guy play?!  Look at his stats, STAT’S DON’T LIE!  With the Bears 154 TD passes.  Interceptions and fumbles with the Bears…169.  People have been saying, well look what Adam Gase did in that year 2015 with him.  He had better years in his LAST in Denver, and a better year in Mark Trestman’s last year.    I believe his career record is 68-71 in the regular season.  Not to mention he hasn’t played every game since his first season with the Bears.  Somebody drug test Adam Schefter stat!